How To Achieve Shiv Roy’s Chic ‘Succession’ Style For Less

If you’re still not watching HBO’s delicious family drama “Succession” and its too-close-to-home depiction of the digital media landscape, it’s time to start. Even if only for style inspiration.

Hear us out ― while the dysfunctional family drama is more focused on back-stabbing than blouses, its one female lead character is Shiv Roy, daughter of media tycoon Logan Roy. Played flawlessly by actress Sarah Snook, Shiv has emerged as sharp a dresser as she is a businesswoman. Man Repeller writer-at-large Edith Young recently hailed her as the “epitome of how I want to dress this fall,” and it’s easy to see why.

Luckily, Roy’s style is pretty easy to pull off and is easily available at an affordable price point. Her wardrobe is a wealth of ’70s-inspired style, rife with turtlenecks tucked into high-waisted slacks, silk blouses with pencil skirts and blazers and some combination of the above expertly layered with just a hint of an accessory like a gold chain or a silk scarf.

In fact, pretty much any of the pieces below can be worn together to achieve Shiv’s look. Alternatively, you could always throw on a giant sweater (see some Shiv-like options below) and take over your father’s company in cozy comfort.

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