Refs miss blatant offensive pass interference on Zach Ertz touchdown catch

NFL refs haven’t covered themselves in glory this season. That trend continued in Week 9, as officials missed a blatant offensive pass interference call on a Zach Ertz touchdown.

The play occurred with 6:21 left in the second quarter. With the Philadelphia Eagles at the 25-yard line, Ertz beat Chicago Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller for a touchdown. The refs initially threw a flag on Fuller, but picked it up.

There was a penalty on the play, but the refs had the wrong guy. Ertz actually put his hands on Fuller’s face and pushed off prior to catching the pass. As Ertz was running into the end zone, Fuller turned to the ref looking for a flag. He didn’t get the call he wanted.

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It was another awful call by the refs this season. Officials have made a number of questionable calls that have impacted games in 2019. Some iffy roughing-the-quarterback penalties have determined games, and some early whistles have prevented touchdowns.

The missed Ertz call could have the same implications. With the score, the Eagles took a 12-0 lead. Given how poorly Chicago looked on offense in the first half — the team had 9 total yards going into halftime — that lead could prove insurmountable.

Then again, even a six-point lead may have proven too much for Mitchell Trubisky and the rest of the Bears offense based on those numbers.

While the Bears did battle back, the team couldn’t complete the comeback. The Eagles won the contest 22-14.


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