LeBron James Shames Heckler At Lakers-Bulls Game

LeBron James got feisty with the paying public on Tuesday in Chicago.

James’ Los Angeles Lakers were playing the home team Bulls when a heckler near the Lakers bench started giving it to the superstar.

This happens often when James plays on the road, but whatever the fan said got James’ attention.

Turning halfway in the direction of the loudmouth, James is heard on a video sniping back, “Your lady’s embarrassed to be with you.”

Not what you want the NBA’s latter-day candidate for G.O.A.T. to say when you’re on a date.

James wasn’t done clapping back at naysayers.

On Twitter later, the 34-year-old addressed those who have claimed that his skills have gone downhill. ”#WashedKing” he wrote sarcastically, followed by the crown and shushing emoji, as he retweeted his team’s post, which noted his third straight triple-double (double figures in points, rebounds and assists.)

On Tuesday, James had 30 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists in the Lakers’ 118-112 victory over the Bulls.

Take that, doubters and hecklers.

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