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Juli Williams

Hometown: Denver
Formed: 2018
Genre: Gangsta Zelda Starbreaks
Latest Release: “Kujira” (Single), self-released, Jan. 2, 2020.
About: Ramakhandra is a group of four gifted dreamers. Annastezhaa, Clayto, Ness, and Nobahee met in a series of coincidences that could be called fate in 2018. Sharing songwriting duties on all songs, their individual personalities combine into a singular mighty music Megazord that draws its influences from anime, nature, video games, folklore, food, and the modern world around them. They wield this sonic lens to recontextualize the major issues bearing down upon humanity such as climate change, inequality, and social & environmental injustice. This is music from the future for the present. A gift and a warning, a mystery, and an answer. A delicious meal that is also medicine.

Ramakhandra is an enigmatic wave of dreamy, soulful intricacies. The celestial sounds of arpeggiated harp, and synth, dance masterfully with the sometimes wonky, hip hop oriented grooves of the rhythm section.

Upon listening, it’s hard not to close your eyes, and allow your imagination to run rampant. You may find yourself on a spiritual journey to the far reaches of space, or the innermost parts of oneself.

Musicians That Inspire: 
Annastezhaa: “Dorothy Ashby is a huge inspiration for me because she was one of the first black harpists to be recognized internationally in the 1950s — not only as a pioneer of jazz/world harp but as a vocalist and a songwriter as well. Her music showcased the rhythmic, harmonic and creative ability of harp as a lead instrument.”

Nobahdee: “Amon Tobin touches on all my absolute favorite things. Jazz, jungle breaks, hip hop, and anime all clashed into one. “

Eric: “Artists such as J Dilla, Flying Lotus, and MNDSGN have inspired and expanded my musical approach. Their mixtures of acoustic & electronic sounds, complex rhythms, and samples push me to draw from all types of musical genres.”

Clay: “I draw influence from many types of music, from post-metal to prog rock, from neo-soul to reggae. I grew up listening to Stanley Clarke and Weather Report and other jazz fusion visionaries, along with progressive groups like Tool and Omar Rodriguez Lopez. But that’s not to exclude people like D’angelo, Thundercat, and Erykah Bahdu from my list of major influences.”

Band Website:
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The Reminders

Aaron Anderson

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colo.
Formed: 2007
Genre: Hip Hop, Soul, Fusion
Latest Release: “Unstoppable” via The Reminders Music on Aug. 30, 2019
About: A rare and remarkable musical duo with undeniable magical chemistry, The Reminders transcend the bounds of expectation to uplift and entertain. They seamlessly blend razor sharp rhythms and raw, soulful vocals with reggae-tinged hip-hop beats to highlight their relevant and inspiring messages. The couple shares a partnership in both music and life as Samir and Aja have been married for over a decade.

The Reminders have been recognized and applauded for their work internationally through concerts, tours, music awards, TV and radio appearances. They have shared the stage with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Nas, Big Boi, and toured with Ms. Lauryn Hill. 

Musicians That Inspire: Bob Marley has been a huge inspiration on us, along with a long list of musicians from Sting to Chronixx. We love Reggae, soul, funk, hip hop, folk and classic rock. So in our music you get to hear a bit of all of our influences.
Catch Them Live: Fox Theatre on Feb. 13, 2020 and Aggie Theater on Feb. 15, 2020.
Band Website:
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