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Barnes & Noble has cancelled a diversity initiative in honor of Black History Month after criticism that it amounted to “literary blackface.” 

The “Diverse Editions” initiative redesigned the covers of twelve classic young adult novels, each with five culturally diverse custom covers. But when Publishers Weekly reported the launch, originally planned for Feb. 4, many called the initiative racist. 

Critics pointed out that by choosing white authors for an initiative targeting a diverse audience, the booksellers missed the opportunity to bring attention to books written by and for people of color. 

The next day, Barnes & Noble tweeted out a statement cancelling a launch event at their Fifth Avenue location and suspending the initiative.

“The covers are not a substitute for black voices or writers of color, whose work and voices deserve to be heard,” the statement said. 

“It was a project inspired by our work with schools and was created in part to raise awareness and discussion during Black History Month, in which Barnes & Noble stores nationally will continue to highlight a wide selection of books to celebrate black history and great literature from writers of color,” the bookseller said in their statement.  

Penguin Random House, which was initially credited as a partner in the initiative, has not released a statement on its suspension.

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