Belichick takes issue with notion that Pats fans have gone through “thick and thin”

Patriots coach Bill Belichick was asked after Saturday’s loss to the Titans about fans supporting him “through thick and thin,” and Belichick shot back that there hasn’t been a lot of “thin.”

Belichick got this question at his postgame press conference: “Pats Nation, your fans, have stuck with you through thick and thin. On social media, they still love you. Do you have any message for the fans who are so supportive of you and the team?”

“We appreciate our fans,” Belichick answered, before getting testy about the question: “I wouldn’t say it’s been all that thin around here, personally. Maybe you feel differently, but I haven’t heard too many fans say that.”

It certainly hasn’t been thin in New England, given that the Patriots have given their fans the two most successful decades any franchise has had in NFL history. The figure of speech “thick and thin” seemed to touch a nerve with Belichick, moments after a season-ending loss.

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