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365 days of vicarious living via Thomas Wesley’s Instagram.

Happy new year to everyone, but especially Diplo. The Random White Dude Be Everywhere is busier than anyone you know. In 2019, he released two EPs, a collaborative album, started a house music label, invaded the country crossover space, dropped a ton of multicultural jams across the world as a solo musician and as one-third of Major Lazer, played a bajillion festivals, slept on a gazillion planes, and he always made time for his two sons.

We’re tired just thinking about it. Actually, we’re tired from compiling his year in pictures. Here it is, the look-back at Diplo you never asked for and didn’t realize you needed. What will Diplo do in 2020? Anything is possible (but we’re really hoping he releases that often-teased Major Lazer album).

January 1: Diplo begins 2019 as he does any other year, but with not just any dancer in the crowd. This dude deserves a medal and to see his name in lights.

January 3: This is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Release this bop.

January 9: Diplo and Anitta stuntin’ hard.

January 15: Bring Back Jack U.

January 16: Lil Wayne and Post Malone are the Diplo collaborators the world needs.

January 17: Damn, Lil Wayne is hoppin’ on LSD’s “Genius?” That’s ill.

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January 21: Being a dad is heartbreaking and wonderful.

January 24: Teasing “Boom Bye Bye” with Niska and a little throwback to Dexter’s Lab.

January 27: Daddy Long Neck really is long.

January 31: Diplo plans his Carnival attack.

February 1: Diplo headed to Atlanta to celebrate Super Bowl LIII! On this day, he posed at host Mercedes-Bemz Stadium and posed a pig-skin toss in the jersey of fictional Adam Sandler character Bobby Boucher. Shout out to the 1998 classic, The Waterboy. Diplo is always here for the memes.

February 2: What happens when Diplo meets Evander Holyfield? Things explode, duh.

February 3: Even when he’s blingin’, Diplo stays kinda humble, so on Super Bowl Sunday, he showed off his newest chain and his Waffle House favorites.

February 4: Diplo’s greatest inspiration has always been the youth. It’s quite obvious, especially in this picture where he’s dressed like a Sawgrass Mall tourist that accidentally went to Burning Man.

February 5: The culturally-sensitive producer and DJ celebrates the Lunar New Year, ushering in the Year of the Pig in cartoon crossover Gucci.

February 6: Did you know Diplo produced Ty Dolla $ign’s 2014 single “Stand For?” The two stay working together in the studio. Will we see the fruits of such labor in 2020? Will the puppy get a feature? Stay tuned in the new year. 

February 7: The Random White Dude Be Everywhere honed his sonic telescope in on Europe to release an EP of regional collabs. It started with “News Shapes” featuring British-French rapper Octavian, and we liked it

February 8: What happens when Diplo says you look like a “magical chicken?” We don’t know, but we presume this pic was taken just before Rita Ora slapped him.

February 9: Look! He doesn’t just write hit records. He also snowboards, or at least he rides ski lifts.

February 10: We have to hand to Diplo. This dumb joke is f-cking funny.

February 11: He may have won the Grammy yesterday, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to become a “serious artist.”

February 12: He will, however, get in his feelings a little bit. A random DM to Dua Lipa led to all this. Makes you a little teary eyed … this is not an invite to DM every famous person in your timeline.

February 13: While this looks like some real gangster shit, it’s actually the early stages of a line dancing obsession that will, by year’s end, erupt in a full-blown country crossover EP. Seriously. Wait for it. 

February 14: Diplo receives flowers from his greatest love — himself.

February 15: Speaking of love, do use Diplo to catch a lifetime partner or one-night stand of your own!

February 16: Did you know Diplo is also a model signed to Next Model Management? Here he is modelling why my dad yells “people die taking selfies!”

February 17: But Diplo isn’t just a model. He also hangs out with them and people who look like them. Here he offers Kosovan singer Era Istrefi as proof.

February 18: The caption says he “couldn’t get rid of these dudes” behind him, but we all know that he actually photoshopped them in.

February 19: Speaking of photoshop, John Mayer is also pretty good at it.

February 20: Diplo and his collaborators Bizzey and Ramiks celebrate ass, grafitti tags, and cops in the rain — but never shirts. Diplo does not want to wear a shirt.

February 21: If the devil wears Prada and Diplo wears Prada, then that must mean…

February 22: Today is the day. Diplo’s Europa is released, featuring artists from the UK, France, Holland and Germany. Hooray! Célébrer! Hoera! Feiern! 

February 23: Maybe Beyonce and Jay-Z can come through the Louvre after hours, but Diplo walks in with a ticket in the daylight because he’s an everyman like you and me.

February 24: “We are all pink on the inside.” 

February 25: Not pictured: that time Diplo, John Mayer and Halsey performed “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls.

February 26: If Diplo’s life has a runner-up for greatest love, it’s got to be his Silk City collaborator Mark Ronson. The “Electricity” between them is palpable. 

February 27: Well shoot, Diplo’s goin’ country! Yeehaw yall (and ya’ll, and y’all.) 

February 28: All the proof you need that Diplo is a Florida boy is a peek at these tattoos. I mean, he’s got a shark, and the state itself adjacent to a yin-yang that appears to have arms, legs and a tail. Cool. 

March 1: With Europa fully conquered, Diplo heads to Colombia, where J Balvin and the mountainous terrain attempt to conquer him.

March 2: Diplo personally interviews each potential music video dancer himself. It’s tough work, but quality control is important to the vision.

March 3: After Colombia and Venezuela, Diplo hits Brazil to celebrate Carnaval with his “Make It Hot” collaborator Anitta.

March 4: One of these things is not like the other, but seemingly, one of these things does somehow belong.

March 5: Carnaval fun continues as Diplo stares into the void beside Brazilian television host Sabrina Sato.

March 6: After a wild night of parties, festivals and DJ sets, Diplo makes time for rest, relaxation and glorious, glorious nature.

March 7: “Forgot my shiny bra.” That’s it. That’s the caption.

March 8: The ladies love Diplo, and Diplo loves his ladies. From the early days with M.I.A., to his recent collaborations with Sia on LSD, the Grammy-winning producer shares a shout out collage to honor the women who make his ass sound good. Good on him. 

March 11: You don’t have to be on drugs to ride the psychedelic freakout that is Labrinth, Sia and Diplo, known on the streets as LSD.

March 12: This is around the time we all started wondering, “What is going on with Diplo’s hair?”

March 13: Remember when parents went around throwing cheese at their babies for the “cheesed challenge?” Dad memes are the new dad jokes.

March 14: Presented without comment, although Diplo presented it by saying he “macrodosed my yogurt this morning.”

March 15: Definitely feeling the LSD!

March 16: Rainbow Diplo showin’ off those moves from earlier in the year. Rainbow Diplo. Dipbow. Rainplo. Take your pick. 

March 17: Do not be fooled by the tricks of the Irish, that is not Diplo doing the Riverdance. Sorry. 

March 18: Diplo and baby Diplo go for a ride. Do not overlook the incredible Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle jacket. Turtle power 4evr. 

March 19: The best thing about this picture is the location tag. Where exactly is the “Kanye Lutheran Church?” It’s in your heart.

March 20: Proof that Diplo and Dua Lipa are friends outside the studio. Working it and werking it, together forever.

March 21: How much Diplo would a Diplo Dip if a Diplo Dipped His Diplo? Maybe we’re on our last five brain cells too?

March 22: Okay wow, superstar DJ megacollab in the making. Wax Motif, Calvin Harris, Generik and Diplo ‘bout to go head to head with the Monstars and win, win, win, win. 

March 23: For national puppy day, Diplo did a very Diplo thing and led with himself. Only those who swipe left get the prize of a puppers in spectacles. Do it. 

March 26: The family Diplo doin’ dabs and stylin’ on the haters.

March 27: Europe was taken over, South America was swooned, psychedelia was a whole trip and country western was about to be won — but first! A quick stop to the house genre as Diplo begins his journey toward Higher Ground.

March 28: Reach out and touch faith — just kidding, if you touch Diplo, he’s going to call security.

March 29: Following a successful Miami Music Week, Diplo implies that he feels just like a weathered Matthew McConaughey in a pink, feathery robe — which is to say, “fabulous!”

March 31: Wow. Best review of MMW. Does this woman want our job?

April 1: Diplo rightfully roasts the tragic 2019 Ultra Music Festival with a nod to its embarrassing KFC DJ headline spot.

April 2: This dude got pop stars and underground trendsetters on speed dial, but he can’t get this box open.

April 3: Cleveland Browns footballer Odell Beckham Jr. makes an appearance in the booth.

April 4: Electro-shock muscle therapy? This is kind of horrifying, honestly.

April 5: Yo, baby Diplo’s got rhythm. Look out for “Ba Ba Ba” in the clubs, coming soon, we hope.

April 6: Another quality evening spent with the kids. No one can ever say Diplo wasn’t present.

April 8: This is screaming to become a discount rug on your grandma’s floor or an unfortunate t-shirt sold in a Nevada gift shop.

April 9: He thought he could beat Beychella, but Dipchella sounds like a messy Bennigan’s appetizer.

April 10: He shoots; he scores; he eats the floor.

April 11: The landscape is really pretty, if you can look beyond Diplo’s bare chest.

April 12: This was the day the world hopped on a magical melody tour with the official LSD album.

April 13: Diplo rockin’ Coachella while playing a song he beat out for Best Dance Recording. Boss moves, honestly. 

April 14: One of these people killed the Night King, and one of them is the night king.

April 15: Hey did you know Diplo played Coachella?

April 16: In the “No New Friends” video, Diplo plays a giant candy-colored overlord.

April 17: Let it be known, Diplo stuffs with socks.

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April 18: Just wandering through fields of flowers with the family. Absolutely wholesome in every way. 

April 19: Some abs. Some art!

April 20: Blazin’ in the blazer with Ellie Goulding.

April 21: Diplo and the chicken heads.

April 22: Honestly, Diplo might have been a better Willy Wonka than Johnny Depp.

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April 23: Just two models, hanging out. (That’s Gigi Hadid, by the way.)

April 24: Diplo debuts his first country tune, “So Long” with Cam. It’s the beginning of a new era where he wears cowboy hats and goes by his real name, Thomas Wesley. Giddyup. 

April 25: This look is bananas.

April 26: He might miss the basket, but he slays the look.

April 27: The timing of this loop is perfection. You’d think the entire Bad Bunny song was just “Diplo” on repeat.

April 28: This was Diplo’s third-straight weekend at Indio Valley, thanks to two Coachellas and then Stagecoach. Some say you can still hear his screams echoing through the Coachella Valley at dawn.

April 29: Never forget the time Diplo brought out Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus on stage to sing “Old Town Road” at Stagecoach festival.

>April 30: It looks like Diplo had a really good time performing at Stagecoach in his LSD costume.

May 1: Guy Fieri may be the Mayor of Flavor Town, but Diplo is definitely Head of the Treasury.

May 2: This is Thomas Wesley’s real name.

May 3: Even while he’s riding new frontiers in the world of country and western, he rocks the house floor with a brand new EP called Higher Ground.

May 4: Diplo takes a trip to Guatemala and swears there is a volcano back there, but it’s hard to see behind his beer gut and that mass of clouds.

May 6: This is around the time Fortnite was still cool.

May 7: Diplo and his collaborator Cam made the most of their trip to Stagecoach, and Cam’s mom made this cute vacation memories video.

May 8: What sells more records, good beats or psychedelic memes?

May 9: Diplo and Anitta always seem so darn cozy.

May 10: You know Diplo’s kids were absolutely going insane when they saw their dad DJ a pokemon battle in Detective Pikachu.

May 11: That time Diplo took hallucinogenic drugs in Cambodia and wrote a novel on Instagram.


May 13: This is how Japanese people use moving sidewalks. Please honor cultural traditions when visiting.

May 15: These kids stan Diplo, and we stan these kids.

May 17: Dude, Diplo is a lowkey athletic wonder. Whether in the studio or on the green, he hits and he can’t miss.

May 18: Walking into the club is lame, so Diplo skydives into the booth at the racetrack.

May 19: If you don’t already listen to Depeche Mode, Diplo would like to personally invite you to reach out and touch faith.

May 20: Disco nap before the set at Hangout Music Festival.

May 21: From Alabama’s Gulf Shore to Las Vegas’ Speedway. The party never ends, and rave never dies.

May 22: Orange is all the rage in Costa Rica. Also, how many air miles do you think Diplo has? Does he just fly for free now?

May 23: This chicken pooped in Diplo’s studio without asking, but that’s not nearly as bad as what happened when he worked with Mark Ronson.

May 24: Next time you’re feeling dumb, just remember, Travis Scott leaves Diplo on read.

May 30: Never forget the time Diplo “totally ruined” Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s surprise Elvis wedding in Las Vegas by posting the whole thing to Instagram story.

May 31: One of the best parts of being a parent is getting to embarrass your kids on Instagram.

June 1: Ready to paint the town red and rock the crowd at Governor’s Ball in New York City.

June 2: The Major Lazer backstage dance party is for God. Bless up.

June 3: Who knew Major Lazer was religious? Turns out they pray before each concert, or at least before Governor’s Ball 2019

June 4: Diplo throws up the deuces, crops his friend Kaia Gerber out of the picture and wishes the world a happy Eid Mubarak, aka the breaking of fast at the end of Ramadan (which ended back in May, but whatever).

June 5: Everyone was doing the woah. The woah was for sheeple. Baaah.

June 6: Cheers to all of Diplo’s fans, be they Diphoes, Dipdogs, Diplorables, Diptectives, Dipdoodles, Diplomats or Dipididoodahs. 

June 7: Diplo’s schedule is busier than yours, don’t @ him.

June 8: Who wore the disaffected smirk of absolute power better?

June 9: How come this doesn’t happen when we twerk? The Major Lazer show is a big ‘ole fiery butt fest.

June 10: A quick trip to Manchester so Diplo can throw his two cents in about Brexit.

June 11: In which we learn a bit about Diplo’s workout routine with this fun video for Men’s Health. The major takeaways here are that squatting your chickens, doing sit-ups in semi-darkness and keeping your fridge stocked with marijuana will give you that rockstar bod you’ve been dreaming of. 

June 12: Here he takes a break out of his busy schedule to raise awareness about climate change and the impact of plastics and other pollutants on our oceans and marine life. He and his sponsor Adidas raise money with a charitable run. These are nice things to do!

With 2019 Pride underway I want to take a moment to state, without the contributions of the LGBTQ Community we would not have the creative landscape, imagination, and sheer compassion in the music industry that we do today. I stated this last year and I still stand by it. For me Pride month isn’t just parades and resistance but its about a generation of fearlessness and innovation in my world. We need to remember how important it is to be aware and show empathy to everyone. We should be fighting for equal rights for all (it’s not just a privilege, but a responsibility), but also protection. Let’s not forget what those who have come before us have fought so tirelessly for. The right to love, the right to express, and the right for freedom to be who they are without hate and without fear. At the end of the day that’s what music is all about to me – love, expression, and freedom. We have come a long way but for many this fight for equality and understanding is far from over, which is why Pride month is so important. It’s a way to not only celebrate the accomplishments that have been made, but to create visibility for those who are still struggling and let them know that there is a community for them. A community that is here to love them, to lift them up, to listen, to strengthen them, and help them…one love always

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June 13: Dance music and those who make their careers within it have to give thanks and honor the gay DJs and producers who pioneered disco and house music. Diplo takes a moment to do so, while raising awareness about the difficulties that still face the LGBTQ community. We stan woke Diplo.

June 14: Diplo had a production credit on Queen of Pop Madonna’s 14th studio album, Madame X. Can you hear his signature sound on album track “Future” featuring Quavo?

June 16: Taking the term “four eyes” back, because nerds are sexy.

June 17: Doing Diplo dad things, taking the kids to Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World. It’s legitimately touching. 

June 19: Never stop clownin’ on the haters.

June 20: Seriously, what sport can’t Diplo do? Golf, basketball, now surfing? Triple-threat.

June 21: All that canoodling with Anitta pays off when Major Lazer drops the collaborative jam “Make It Hot.”

June 23: Little known fact: Diplo was once in a Norwegian black metal band until he murdered all his band mates and used their bones and dried skin to make exotic drums for M.I.A.

June 24: A quick family trip to Paris in the summer. Don’t be so jealous.

June 25: House DJ promo pic + country bad boy get-up + N.W.A. t-shirt = some hot crossgenre record you haven’t even heard yet.

June 26: The swelteringly-sensual music video for “Make It Hot” drops, and everybody around the world sweats collectively.

June 27: Holy crap. Diplo was a Jeopardy answer. We’ll take “ubiquity” for a thousand, Alex. 

June 28: It’s been 78 days since the release of the LSD album, and things are getting super weird.

June 29: Let the record show Diplo and I have the same The Cure t-shirt.

June 30: Golf. Basketball. Surfing. Spin kicking water bottle caps off while in Versace boxers. This dude is ready for the Diplympics.

July 1: While partying in Spain, Diplo gets the stupendous news that Ellie Goulding’s “Close to Me” featuring Swae Lee, which he produced, had just gone Platinum. Another win for the big hitter.

July 2: A rising tide lifts all ships, but that’s no reason not to smile when you’re on you’re quickly taking on water on the White Isle. 

July 3: Getting fired up with a house set in Poland. These tunes are on fire. He’s burning up. It’s definitively lit. 

July 4: Honestly, this video should go platinum. Don’t do like Diplo and aim your rockets at your head.

July 5: The fit was so good, he had to ‘Gram is twice. Also, country Diplo is about to make a strong string of appearances, so buckle up.

July 6: Diplo has Diplo-brand pillows.

July 8: You gotta do that verse for him now, Megan.

July 9: Diplo proves himself a meme king once more with a little help from The Smiths.

July 11: He’s ecstatic to see a flag that isn’t an emoji.

July 12: Just hanging with Valentino Khan, being cool and looking snazzy.

July 13: Watch your mermaids, sea people. Diplo is on boat.

July 14: This is an #ad for skinny tea.

July 15: If anyone knows the details of this wild Jack Ü remix, please comment.

July 16: Remember when the whole world wanted to Naruto run into Area 51?

July 17: The Russians got Diplo.

July 18: That’s using your head. Ready for the DMC World Championship.

July 19: Try this trick and spin it. 

July 20: How in the hell did he not bust ass in front of all those people?!

July 22: When “Deadbeat Summer” by Neon Indian is the whole family mood.

July 23: Skrillex samples? Booty meat faps? Vengaboys? These sound effects are insane!

July 24: I know he’s supposed to look sexy, but he’s giving me “new Star Wars character” vibes.

July 25: And what did we learn?

July 26: Putting the “whoa” in the whoa.

July 27: Just a monkey of a man, hanging out in exotic swimming holes.

July 28: This dude really dyed his plane to match his hippie sweathirt.

July 29: You get hungry on the road, and Diplo is a smart man. The real problem is going to be when the bacon grease goes cold and hardens in those swim trunks.

July 30: In the “feats of athleticism file,” please add Olympic diving to the list of sports Diplo beasts at. 

August 1: Diplo and Anitta are still going strong through the end of Summer.

August 2: Aww, Diplo wished Charli XCX a happy birthday with a cute puppy picture.

August 3: This is honestly a living nightmare and we are very glad Diplo’s tie-dye jet did not crash and burn — we do totally love the Almost Famous reference. Big thumbs up to that and to narrowly averting catastrophe.

August 4: Now that he has a new lease on life, Diplo is taking better care of his most precious asset.

August 5: Ruh roh, Raggy. The account is out of Diplo’s hands.

August 6: Wait, did management post this? Either way, it’s illuminating.

August 7: Major Lazer came through HARD Fest swangin’.

August 8: Diplo’s management ran an IG Q&A, but we can’t find any of the damn replies.

August 9: Someone got Diplo’s high school photo, and it’s predictably perfect.

August 11: Please enjoy this humble menacing ostrich video, because there’s a lot of Diplo in his underwear content coming down the pipeline.

August 12: As we were saying! Diplo is an underwear model. Like, a real one! Just like Justin Bieber was! And he’s doing sexy cam sessions with Naomi Campbell! Beth Ditto was there!

August 13: Multiple sources confirm that this caption is 100 percent true.

August 14: With his Calvin Klein posterboy dreams conquered, Diplo shifts nears to his burgeoning love of country music and more importantly, country fashion.

August 15: As previously noted, Diplo loves sports! It’s adorable to see him legitimately excited! Also is that grill new?

August 16: Honestly, most of my family would unknowingly ask Diplo to snap a family vacation pic.

August 17: Respect. 

August 18: Actually yes, his name was Wayne and he now has seven kids and works at the auto body shop by the train tracks.

August 19: Is Diplo leading Morgan Wallan into pop music or is Morgan escorting Diplo deeper into country terrain? Either way, they look happy.

August 20: This might be a drawing of Diplo, but it could also be Ruth Bader Ginsberg?

August 21: Wait, you thought the underwear model thing was over? Not a chance. Here, Diplo transplants his face onto Mark Wahlberg’s body so he can hang out with Kate Moss in a Calvin Klein ad from 1992, because time is a flat circle.

August 22: The incredible thing is that no element of this image was photoshopped.

August 23: Please comment if you know whether or not this shirt is actually available for purchase. Thank you.

August 24: In all seriousness, few things in life are as fun as a Major Lazer set.

August 25: Today he looks like your weird but cool uncle at a family reunion in 1976.

August 26: This is actually what Diplo sees when he takes psychedelics.

August 27: Okay this legitimately looks like a super-lit party. Shout out Billy Ray’s hair!

August 28: His caption may seat-less, but his outfit says seat filler.

August 29: Honestly this might not have been staged.

August 30: True story: Once Diplo stopped by our Burning Man camp and taught a young child to use the decks on our art car. It was endearing.

August 31: This might not even be an ad.

September 1: As Diplo knows, the answer to this question is always an enthusiastic yes.

September 2: TKTK

September 3: Diplo is just like us except for that when he goes to Burning Man he hangs out with Blond:ish and Paris Hilton and wears Louis Vuitton.

September 4: Now that Diplo has run dry on Burning Man content, it’s back to business, like this song Major Lazer made with J Balvin and El Alfa.

September 6: Diplo hanging out with Baby Diplo in a t-shirt that says “I’m a little bit bougie and a little bit country.” Also please note the belt buckle.

September 7: A look that says, “Get off my property.”

September 8: Don’t let the sun go down on this photo opp.

September 9: As it turns out, Diplo had a better summer than us.

September 10: We’d Netflix this for sure.

September 11: Doing anything for that Spotify cash.

September 12: We didn’t love ‘em either tbh.

September 13: Diplo will not retire these cow pants, and we’re kinda here for it.

September 14: This is around the time we all started noticing, “Diplo’s really going for the long hair thing.”

September 16: Viva la Mexico. Viva Las Vegas. Viva that hat.

September 17: True story: We just got sort of hypnotized by this butt video.

September 19: And some days you’re a guy wearing a super expensive blazer, several birds and no shirt.

September 21:

September 22:

September 24: We heard this Higher Ground party was tight.

September 25: The Diplo/Jonas Brothers Bromance that started at Joe’s wedding continued today when Diplo “hacked” their Insta in what turned out to be an elaborate campaign to promote their collaborative track “Lonely.” It was good, clean fun.

September 26: Here, Diplo Diplo collides with Country Diplo who collides with pop Diplo on the big Jonas Bros collab. Worlds are colliding. Genres are melting We’re confused about what we’re listening to, but we can’t turn it off.

September 26: Diplo’s big year of “why the heck not!” was in full effect today, as he played the first ever set from on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia.

September 27: Hey, no prob!

September 29: You may consider printing this off to wrap birthday presents with.

October 1: Certainly he posted these images purely to squeeze attention to his…country songs.

October 2: The cover of the fallLL Bean catalog was really nice this year.

October 3: You can take the boy outta Florida…

October 5: Fun fact: Only people with more than five million Insta followers are allowed to access this filter.

October 6: For reasons we don’t quite understand, this photo makes us dizzy.

October 8: This is legitimately impressive!

October 9: Shout out to the man in the back with the photo bomb smize.

October 12: Shout out to everyone in the comments who recommended new books for Diplo to read.

October 13: Can’t believe we read all the way to the end of this long caption and he didn’t even land a “Prudential insurance policy” punch line.

October 14: We’re not crying, you’re crying. Alright, we’re all crying.

October 15: A different kind of two chains.

October 16: All random white dudes do look the same.

October 17: Diplo’s entire career has been a front to get close to Alan Jackson. -head explosion emoji-

October 18: It’s hot in the desert, but when Diplo leaves, it gets cold.

october 19: Honestly, we just want to know what the cute Jonas guy whispered in Diplo’s ear.

October 20: Let the record show that Tiesto has serious dad dance moves.

October 21: Some unreleased house heat.

October 22: Chem trails are real and Diplo huffs them.

October 23: Pretty sure he’s playing J Balvin and Willy William’s “Mi Gente.”

October 24: As a wise woman once said, “cash me outside, how bout dah?”

October 25: Diplo needs to blow out his hair like these fine ladies on his t-shirt.

October 26: Diplo and Khalid trigger some emotional responses with their Major Lazer collab.

October 27: Wishing everyone a happy Diwali and stunting on ’em at the same time.

October 28: With the legendary racecar driver Jeff Gordon. Everyone is a DJ these days.

October 29: Diplo decided to be one of Katy Perry’s other exes for Halloween.

October 30: OMG IT’S DIPLO’S DAD!

November 1: Greenland is melting because Diplo is hot, hot, hot!

November 2: Diplo got a bunch of dumb face tattoos. He must be about to take over Soundcloud rap.

November 4: Diplette.

November 5: This is probably the coolest moment of Diplo’s entire year. Like, literally, but also figuratively. So cold.

November 6: The most dangerous thing about this is the photoshop.

November 7: The day Diplo dropped his remix of Niall Horan.

November 8: The whole world is music – hit music, I say!

November 9: Diplo does reruns.

November 10: Never forget Diplo is old. Happy 41st birthday, bruh bruh.

November 13: Which Stranger Things character is Diplo, tho? We say he’s the one without the teeth.

November 14: Oh wow, two Scorpios in the family.

November 15: “Heartless” goes gold! Yay!

November 16: RIP to Lil Peep. Diplo adds to the late-rapper’s legacy.

November 17: When he says “LSD,” he means “Labrinth, Sia, Diplo.”

November 18: That time Diplo sat next to his future self on the airplane.

November 19: The best review Diplo ever got.

November 20: The day they released that Major Lazer cartoon to YouTube that you didn’t even know existed.

November 21: New conspiracy: Diplo doesn’t have teeth.

November 23: The Witcher, is that you?

November 24: Shout out all the haters that said Diplo couldn’t play Movement.

November 25: Everyone goes to Kanye’s operas for the hype points.

November 26: Guys, we can’t make fun of Diplo for being country anymore. Shania Twain approves.

November 27: Please, please, please put this on a t-shirt.

November 28: Haha, Tesla trucks look funny.

November 30: The day Diplo DJed for someone who didn’t have any fun at all.

December 1: Do one thing every day that scares you.

December 2: The day Diplo graced the cover of The Cut.

December 3: No lie, Diplo makes us wanna buy those earrings.

December 4: Butt-chugging sunlight.

December 5: Something tells us these stats are faked.

December 6: Diplo is going 8-bit.

December 7: This is how to look so freaking good at 41.

December 8: “La Vida Loca” remix coming soon.

December 9: It’s a shame Diplo is so shy.

December 10: Diplo gave back for the holidays!

December 11: The day Diplo was on The Price Is Right.

December 12: Stay winning, stay spinning.

December 13: The day “On My Mind” dropped.

December 15: Looks like a music video is on the way.

December 15: Proof that Kenya goes hard.

December 16: Not to be outdone, Nigeria goes one harder.

December 17: Some Africa outtakes.

December 18: RIP Skrillex, Diplo and A-Trak’s old YouTube channel Potatowilleatyou

December 19: Burna Boy is the future.

December 20: Diplo always catchin’ that next wave.

December 21: Styles on styles on styles.

December 22: Multilingual is a state of mind.

December 24: Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.

December 24: Meditation Santa.

December 26: He took a little time to catch a game with his closest bro.

December 27: Brain farts happen, dude.

December 28: Closing out the year with one more cold look.


2019 Billboard Year in Music

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