Meet Jessie Reyez: The Grammy-nominated Colombian singer/songwriter on everyone’s radar – HOLA! USA

In addition to your singles, you have worked with Karol G, Eminem, and Normani just to name a few. How did all of those opportunities come your way?
“Honestly, I’ve been blessed. A lot of them have come to me through other people reaching out saying, ‘Oh, this person wanted to connect with you.’ It’s just been wild. It means a lot to be able to connect with people that I have admired forever, like Calvin Harris. I’ve been a fan of him for a long time. I used to hand out mixtapes at his raves.

And then came Beyoncé!
“To have been included on the Lion King project that Beyoncé executive produced is bananas. I was not even a Beyoncé fan. No, I am a Destiny’s Child fan. I’m like from back then. I’m calm and collected and chill. But there’s only been two times in my life where I like had to check myself to calm down. And one of those times was Beyoncé.”

Your latest single Crazy is not only a sample of a classic but came with empowering visuals as well. How did you tie the song into today’s political climate?
“It was inspired by just a regular conversation I was having with the producer in the room about a long-distance relationship. Once the song was done, I was sitting back and thinking about visuals and I wanted to make sure that it was going to be deeper than that. As a Latina it seemed natural for me to want to make sure that there was a moment where it’s almost like I see you, I feel you. When you see kids on TV that look just like you, crying about their friends, crying that the government is separating their parents, it’s just easy for me to feel like that could have been me if my cards were dealt a little different.”

Jessie Reyez talks 2020©@jessiereyez
Jessie shares her vision for 2020

It’s been an amazing year for Latinos/Latnias in music. As a creator and Latina, what has it been like for you to witness and be a part of the success?
“As an artist, I think it must feel dope to see that sort of diversity. But, as a Latino, it’s pride. I’m proud. I’m happy.”

What do fans have to look forward to with your next album?
“With the album I did something with the idea of life and death. But instead, I replaced it with love and life. So, it’s love and death. It’s the idea of the positive side of death and the dark side of love.”

Finally, what’s next?
“The video for Crazy is out. Tours that haven’t been announced yet, and more work for me. That’s it. That’s 2020 summed up!”

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