Salma Hayek Rubbed Tiffany Haddish’s Bunion And Good Things Happened

Salma Hayek gushed on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday how her new movie “Like a Boss” has “superpowers.” She said her life has changed and that she’s gotten loads of work since doing the film. Ditto for her cast mates.

What’s more, she zeroed in on the exact source of her good fortune: co-star Tiffany Haddish’s bunions.

It seems Haddish was complaining about bunion pain one day, prompting Hayek to say: “Girl, give me that foot.”

“And I rubbed it like the Aladdin lamp or like the Buddha belly. … And my life changed. She has a magical bunion.”

In fact, Hayek said if her luck reverses again, she’s going to seek out Haddish’s bunion.

Most of us will never get a chance to test Hayek’s claim, so who are we to dispute it?

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