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Both were and are beautiful, but there are some obvious differences that come to light

Hollywood most famous mexican. Salma Hayek. triggered a great network revolution by sharing a postcard with her Jennifer Lopez to celebrate her success in her latest film, Hustlers.

In the picture, both celebrities can be seen in what appears to be a traditional party a few years ago, so much so that the two of them sit in what some comments called “Garage party chairs”.


So far everything seemed normal, both actresses undoubtedly looked beautiful at this time of their lives and still are today. However, the controversy arose above all among network users those of Twitter began to compare the similarities and differences of this photo with the current image of the famous onea few years – and operations – later.

The most attacked was Salma herself, who she was already criticized for the enormous attributes that it showed in the past Golden Globes and that we are definitely not in their TBT with JLo.

For her part, Lopez was quite remembered for the time she was living in her career at the time an Afro-Latin American singer, different from what she projects today.

successful afro latina time

– Eli Exotic ✧⋆˚ ✧⋆˚ (@ ElixExotic) January 9, 2020

In the end, it was probably what strangely caused the picture a man’s face appearing in the background, behind JLo, towards the camera with a rather disturbing gesture.


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