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Since travel became much more commonplace in our lives, with a record number of flights connecting the world each day, travel gadgets have also become commonplace.

Some travel gadgets can save us time, money and even add huge amounts of convenience to crossing through airports and train stations.

Portable chargers and universal plug adapters, for example, can surely only provide the majority of us benefit when traveling.

However, with so many companies out there claiming that certain gadgets are the “must-have” for any frequent traveler, there are more companies than ever trying to take a share of the money travelers spend. From ridiculous fees on foreign currency exchange to paying far too much for rubbish food whilst waiting at the airport, we often part with our hard-earned money far too easily when we are traveling. This, in part, can be due to unfamiliar surroundings, or also the pushy marketing schemes that tell customers how their travel experience won’t be complete until you use their service or buy their product.

However, a lot of the time, many of the gadgets that are promoted, we can entirely do without. Here are some of the most unnecessary gadgets in travel:

Banana Bunker

A plastic case for your banana to prevent it from being squished in your carry-on luggage. You did indeed read that right. Unless you are so desperate for a banana that you feel the need to peel and separately store in your banana case, then surely passengers could choose a slighter more durable fruit. Not to mention the washing and waste of time that comes with the banana case.

Personal Air Purifier

Self-explanatory, but arguably totally unnecessary. Unless you are traveling in a bubble of air, then purifying just the air around you surely defies physics entirely. However, for a cool $80 you can (supposedly) breathe in more pure air than passengers around you.

Travel Bidet

Just imagine the scene. Being in a compact airport bathroom, not wanting to touch dirty services, yet out of your bag you pull out a portable travel bidet that cost you $35. Really?

Grenade Shaped Liquid Travel Bottles

Self-explanatory. And absolutely stupid. Try packing your liquids into these and going through airport security.

Neck Pillow

You either love this one or hate it. Personally, I don’t see the purpose of the neck pillow. It’s annoying to carry around and seems to have a final result of excruciating neck pain for several days. That’s if, of course’ your head doesn’t simply roll forwards when using this strange doughnut-shaped “pillow”.

Ostrich Pillow

Even worse than the neck pillow is the Ostrich pillow – which could be regarded as an “upgraded” version. Ignoring the huge inconvenience of transporting this around with you, I would simply feel like an idiot wearing it.

Underwater Disposable Camera

Many of us have tried to use one of these, and are quick to forget just how dreadful the pictures are when they are developed. A shocking plastic case around the camera means that photos come out incredibly poorly, and with the quality of underwater phone cases now, who needs to buy an underwater disposable camera anyway?

Solar-Powered Phone Charger

Unless you are in the desert or completely away from electricity, you simply don’t need this. It sounds cool and quirky but will very likely be totally useless.

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