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Was actress Gina Rodriguez really about to risk the wrath of Black Twitter and speak at a Black History month event in Los Angeles?

Monday, a screenshot appearing to be from press release issued by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Black History Month Committee included an invite to journalists interested in covering an event with “actress and civil rights activist Gina Rodriguez” appeared online.

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The photo quickly went viral and set off alarm bells all over social media. Users couldn’t believe that the “Jane the Virgin” star, who ran into controversy last year when a video surfaced of her using the n-word while singing The Fugees’ “Ready or Not,” would ever be tone deaf enough to agree to such a thing. Critics questioned who would even invite her to begin with.

The press release went on to claim that Rodriguez’s father, boxing referee Genaro Rodriguez, is Black (although he is not) and warned that she would only “take selfies with African American students.”

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“We thought that Ms. Rodriguez, who has both African and Latina ancestry, would be a great inaugural speaker,” it continued, explaining that this gathering would be part of LAUSD’s upcoming series of celebrities speaking to students in celebration of Black History Month.

“This is problematic for a few reasons,” wrote one user: “1) Gina Rodriguez is not Black. 2)Gina Rodriguez has repeatedly & publicly made anti-Black remarks. 3) There are Black actors who can speak to kids in LAUSD during Black History month. 4) This is a PR stunt. 5) GINA RODRIGUEZ IS NOT BLACK!”

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Following the swift backlash, the Twitter handle for the LAUSD Black History Month Committee  deleted the tweet promoting the event and then took it a step further and deleted its entire account.

But nothing is ever really deleted on social media and screenshots of the district’s original announcement continue to provide fuel for the fire. LAUSD has yet to comment on the public outcry.

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